Welcome to the Logistics Capability Council Knowledge Base, sponsored by DCRA!

This knowledge base is dedicated to providing manufacturing and distribution companies with the information and resources to maximize global competitiveness using North Texas as a base for product fulfillment , manufacturing, value-added services and/or distribution throughout North America. The council is sponsored by DCRA Inc. and representing manufacturing, logistics, and other value-added capabilities. It is packed with valuable content organized by company function, industry, and role to facilitate quick access to valuable and relevant information that can supercharge the supply chain of your business!

How can the Logistics Capability Council Help YOU and your BUSINESS? Texas possesses unique strategic assets to enable global competitiveness and the Logistics Capability Council is here to help you unlock these assets for your business! In the ongoing transition from domestically manufactured goods to an increasing use of Asia and other offshore resources for sourcing and manufacturing; North Texas provides the near perfect location to coordinate and fulfill a global supply chain by leveraging a central geographic location, one of the largest air hubs in the world, low real estate and labor costs, and more importantly, the supply chain design talent to drive business growth.

As more goods are sourced offshore, the Logistics Capability Council has realized great advantages in outsourcing the manufacturing of key components while postponing final manufacturing, kitting, and configuration to be done near the customer demand – namely here in North Texas.
  • The benefits of sourcing components of finished goods off-shore for postponed assembly and distribution vs. outsourcing the entire “shrink-wrapped finished good” include:
  • Lower total overall costs
  • Protection of intellectual property as well as manufacturing talent and expertise
  • Reduced fulfillment lead times and cost to end consumers
  • Profitable management of short product lifecycle goods, from fashion to high-tech, with lower obsolescence
  • Significant homeland defense advantages – Clearing an ocean or air freight container full of homogeneous component parts is much simpler and safer than mixed containers full of a variety of more complex finished goods
  • Lower overall logistics costs (inventory, storage/handling, and transportation) to improve overall returns on working capital
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