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The editorial board of the Logistic Capability Council is always on the lookout for resources, articles, case studies, academic research etc. That will assist in your task of education and education of those in your fulfillment chain. We also welcome your ideas and submittal Of articles and links you have discovered that you feel may assist others in their solutions..

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Secrets of Google and why important to supply chain   
[191] Last Modified: May 10, 2007 7:26 AM

Good insights to why Google's approach to linking not storing key data is useful in your supply chain system strategy

Page link mysteries
Even mathematicians familiar with the equations used to create the PageRank algorithm struggle with other non-numeric factors. David Austin, a math professor at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Mich., who published a paper on cracking Google's algorithm, says the secret sauce is really a popularity contest wrapped in linear algebra.
"It's like you're having a popularity contest and you think everybody gets a vote, so I can vote for as many people as I want to," Austin says. "So if I vote for 10 people, I give everyone 1/10th of a vote. So who wins that popularity contest?"
But then Google goes further. "They take a second pass through it, and look at who voted for who," he explains. Google assigns a value to the importance of the site that casts the vote (or links to a site), and that site can pass on its popularity and importance to the site it linked to.
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"The Next Big Thing" combined software and outcome services   
[116] Last Modified: Jul 28, 2005 8:46 PM


Next big thing?
-Posted by Britton Manasco @ 11:20 am

What will be the next big thing? Not Service Oriented Architectures, Open Source, or Software as Service, argues Mike Nevins, former managing partner of McKinsey & Company's Global High Tech Practice at SandHill.com.

He contends "all three will miss the mark for one simple reason. They don't address the real constraints to growth for enterprise software…Those real constraints have some thing to do with software vendors and a lot to do with customers."

As Nevins sees it, "Enterprise customers complain that software vendors disappoint all too often. However, if you examine many of those failures they are self inflicted wounds. The customer fails to make the changes to their operations to get the benefit of the software. Or they fail to sufficiently understand the new data that is available so that they can act on it."

With this in mind, he concludes that the "next big thing" will, in fact, be software companies that combine software, content and services and take responsibility for outcomes.

One example Nevins cites is Zyme Solutions, which enables "semiconductor and software companies manage the flow of inventories thorough multi level distribution.They have a sophisticated software platform that collects and aggregates the data and crunches the numbers to support decisions. However they don't sell the software. What they sell is the data. They have built relationships with major distributors around the world to get have them flow their data into Zyme's platform. They have expert staff to edit and clean the data. They produce reports and databases for Zyme's customers and work with those customers to find ways to improve decision making and execution based on the data."

As he concludes, "This potent combination of content, software and services is a very different business model. Over time the most valuable asset of the business becomes what they know - hard data about inventories and trends and soft knowledge about how to use that data to good effect."
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IBM takes aim at the supply chain   
[112] Last Modified: Jun 24, 2005 7:13 AM
IBM takes aim at the supply chain is a good article restating the global size of the market (over $3 Trillion dollars) of wasted inventories, manufacturing capacity, inefficient use of transport etc.

Albeit IBM has a tremendous toolkit of technologies there is no mention of the specific webservice based supply chain solutions you would think they would bring to market to make the solution fast and efficient ?
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Oasis to define SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)   
[108] Last Modified: Jun 17, 2005 2:35 PM
Loosely coupled hettroegeneous computing is a FACT in supply chain. Although SOA and web services are a big opportunity in supply chain beware of the vendors defining SOA in a proprietary way...
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Moving Order, Shipment Data Into and Out of China Still Troublesome for Some   
[45] Last Modified: Jan 5, 2005 10:49 AM
Moving Order, Shipment Data Into and Out of China Still Troublesome for Some - Information Week http://www.informationweek.com/
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