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Often in today’s supply chains the organization and use of the resources and assets is more around the role played in the fulfillment Vs. the traditional vertically integrated business. In this section of the LCC Knowledgebase you can select the various roles and discover The types of tools, case studies, techniques and operating tools that best support the selected role.

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survivors still made in america ?   
[371] Last Modified: Aug 17, 2017 6:05 AM
why some firms still are able to manufacture in the US ?
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Dow / Dupont supporting US manufacturing base.. Trump response   
[362] Last Modified: Dec 13, 2016 12:17 PM
link to original Industry Week article
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Future of S&OP interview with Supply Chain Trend   
[361] Last Modified: Nov 27, 2016 6:00 PM
Discussion of what S&OP is, future of S&OP, how to make it work, what is S&OP !
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Solution to Trumps Make American Great Again Message   
[351] Last Modified: Aug 31, 2016 12:08 PM
Mr. Trump has gained alot of attention with "Make American Great Again" and create US jobs

One of the key answers, policies, solutions is embedded in this knowlegebase

1. Use postponed manufacturing / assembly on US side of border using imported components
2. Use this approach to create US jobs with career growth
3. Provide jobs even on Mexican side of border to build components for US assembly
4. Encourage US tax, trade, customs, supply chain strategy to support these efforts
5. Use this effort to train and expose more US employees of all ranks to "manufacturing"
6. Together US and Mexico pull back the IP "gifted" to China and create leverage together on China intellectual property theft

Don't listen to talking heads in media who have not done the economic calculations of total supply chain costs
"Total costs" not just labor costs, include intellectual property loss
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2011 Supply Chain Digest discussion on Chinese Trade Practices... DCRA Inc. comment   
[334] Last Modified: Mar 15, 2016 12:04 PM


In our role of helping clients with outsourced supply chain and manufacturing planning since the early 90’s - we have observed many global business practices. It became clear to us at DCRA Inc. through our S&OP solutions deployment that the game with China was one of “tricking” US business to move production to Asia for low labor rates in return for a system that sucked the valuable intellectual capital from the business. It was easy to see in the S&OP solution linked with global transport that the total costs after factoring in excess inventory and long product cycle times that the labor cost advantage was negligible particularly when IP risk was factored in. In essence the Chinese developed a system to bait naïve US CFO’s based on labor rates to move or expand production in return for a system that allows Chinese firms / government to own the intellectual property. Thus for a few quarters of improved EPS (earnings per share) a business might give up brand and IP that took 50 years to create. Obviously this approach is consistent with a 10,000 year old patient society. To further amplify this I was speaking to one of my Chinese colleagues who emigrated from China in his 20’s. Recently over a casual lunch discussion he pointed out a few cultural differences that are worth nothing

Chinese leaders are generally all from an engineering background ? I found this fascinating … President Hu Jintao according to my colleague is of an engineering background
The Chinese system can act without distraction when it wants. Clear land and build a high speed train in a year… not decades ?
There really is no such thing as a lawyer in China… key judges and government officials obtain these roles because they are good party supporters - supporting the system described above. Thus protection for intellectual property is not a skill taught or practiced in the Chinese system. I am not a lawyer - but have managed to obtain several patents over the years - and have to think IP law is the most difficult - and thus for a society without formal legal training is just never going to embrace IP protection ?
Lastly the most stunning anecdote was what my friend described as a cultural difference in children stories we tell our children as he now has a young child. A longer conversation then this note - but essentially the observation from my friend was how - in the US we tell our children fun and fair play type of stories - where all HE remembered from his kindergarten days of the Chinese children stories were stories that told you how to not be tricked ? He described a story about a Fox in charge of splitting a pie for a Bear and a Squirrel. How the fox purposely gave the bear less of the pie knowing the bear would complain and his strategy then to keep the split even was he the Fox kept eating portions of the Fox and Squirrel`s portions of pie until he finally managed to make the two parts even. But in the end the Fox had eaten most of the pie. You draw your own conclusions and maybe your readers should read “The Art of War” before negotiating their next deal in China ?
On an opportunistic note for your readers, there are solutions (in my opinion) that leverage engineering the product for supply chain and business advantage. For example using postponed manufacturing into the supply chain and product design to do final assembly in the US. We have helped nearly all of our client use their S&OP solution to provide a brain to their outsourced operation so they can control costs and positively influence IP control. We believe at DCRA the benefits for JOBS, total cost, reduction of volume on shipping ports, infrastructure are enormous as well as IP protection are available for almost all products. We also believe our government leaders should provide even more incentives. The benefits to solving this current challenge are enormous and supply chain leaders can and have to play a critical role in rebalancing this Chinese / US equation – period. See a “not for profit” knowledgebase site www.TexasLCC.org for case studies and tips and techniques for all roles in an organization to do their part in this rebalancing effort.

Last point… Dan to bring these observations forward is not “political” but purely one of economics of which the proper supply chain measurement systems can provide an early warning system and a measurements system to FIX – period.

Keep up the good work.

Jon Kirkegaard
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How to Beat Amazon at their scale strategy 2016   
[333] Last Modified: Feb 12, 2016 9:27 PM
Amazon piling on to a linear path of cheap manufacturing with long lead times from Asia can be destroyed with proper supply chain engineering

Are you to sick of distribution push of cheap crap dominating the market ?

Check out DCRAsolutions.com and sopbook.com for real time S&OP and postponed manufacturing strategies

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Integrated Business Planning Is Not Just a Marketing Hoax   
[331] Last Modified: Jan 10, 2016 11:58 PM
A well thought out article leading reader to believe there is a need for a forward looking financial / planning system broader then S&OP
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re-shoring Total Cost esimtator   
[321] Last Modified: Jan 31, 2015 12:21 PM
Good to see more awareness of total cost vs. just manufacturing cost

will review calculations and see how they compare to the Total Order Fulfillment diagnostics calculations from DCRA Inc.
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Spreadsheet still rule for S&OP... S&OP pulse check   
[311] Last Modified: Oct 28, 2014 7:50 PM
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Supply Chain Sharma overview of S&OP   
[293] Last Modified: Nov 17, 2013 11:50 AM
So the world is just beginning to wake up to the need and powerful advantage of well designed horizontal S&OP solutions in ANY organization

Lora Cecerra's overview is a good read in reliving last 20 year of history of why S&OP is a critical solution to a problem it appears to many execs don't realize they have. Or maybe better stated as an opportunity they don't know they have ?

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What is the Amazing S&OP Capability Hiding in Plain Site at Tesla Motors ?   
[292] Last Modified: Nov 7, 2013 9:46 PM
A real time use of S&OP logic with modern finance to look behind the hype into factual value proposition. In this case to look ahead a couple of weeks before Tesla stock priced drops by 30% based on real issues
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Good discussion on real time S&OP   
[285] Last Modified: May 16, 2013 7:44 PM
What I wanted to emphasize is my experience that is the relationships managed that are the "secret sauce" behind S&OP. Relationship of planning bill of materials to suppliers... just like take off of material to construction subs
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Boeing problems with outsourcing electrical fire's ?   
[283] Last Modified: Feb 5, 2013 1:10 PM
As one of our DCRA supply chain clients once said "It easier to manage things you do vs. don't do"... point being difficult to manage outsourced work


this recent article about Boeing and lithium ion battery fires great example

From an outsider perspective looks like Boeing saw the financial working capital and cashflow benefits from outsourceing but failed to design a system to fully or properly manage supply chain...

Always a plus to learn from others mistakes ?

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Global Competitive Advantage with S&OP   
[281] Last Modified: Dec 4, 2012 7:22 AM
Nice article on how S&OP used for global competitive advantage
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text version of US vs China stats... scary need to read   
[272] Last Modified: Nov 5, 2012 8:53 AM
Very important group of stats for any US citizen to read
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