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Often in today’s supply chains the organization and use of the resources and assets is more around the role played in the fulfillment Vs. the traditional vertically integrated business. In this section of the LCC Knowledgebase you can select the various roles and discover The types of tools, case studies, techniques and operating tools that best support the selected role.

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Guide to Intermodal Logistics   
[91] Last Modified: Feb 13, 2005 11:42 PM
Burlington Northern Sante Fe provides a primer on Intermodal transport and how it can drive strategic advantage for many supply chains.
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The Transportation and Warehousing Challenge in China   
[88] Last Modified: Feb 9, 2005 1:18 PM
The Transportation and Warehousing Challenge for Multinational Corporations in China
Journal of Transportation Management - Fall 2004
By Garland Chow, University of North Texas and
Charles Guowen Wang, China Development Institute
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Future Local Transportation Route Planning   
[74] Last Modified: Jan 19, 2005 5:35 PM
This is an online service that provides information about future improvement plans or the road network in North Central Texas.
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