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Author: LCCMod1, Created on: Feb 5, 2013 1:10 PM
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As one of our DCRA supply chain clients once said "It easier to manage things you do vs. don't do"... point being difficult to manage outsourced work

this recent article about Boeing and lithium ion battery fires great example

From an outsider perspective looks like Boeing saw the financial working capital and cashflow benefits from outsourceing but failed to design a system to fully or properly manage supply chain...

Always a plus to learn from others mistakes ?

February 04, 2013


Boeing 787 Dreamliner built for All Nippon Airways. Photo: All Nippon Airways.(SEATTLE, WA) -- Boeing company engineers are blaming the current problems that have grounded the company's new 787 Dreamliner fleet on an outsourced supply chain that resulted in “poor quality components” that came from subcontractors that operated largely out of Boeing’s view, according to a report in The Seattle Times.

The report quotes unidentified engineers as the basis of the report.

In citing “engineers with knowledge of the situation,” the report says:

~ Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner has suffered “numerous electrical system flaws beyond the battery problems” that led to its current grounding.

~ The risk to the company is not the battery, according to one 787 electrical engineer, the real problem is “the power panels.”

~ The same engineer says unlike earlier Boeing jets, the guts of the 787 power distribution panels, which control the flow of electricity to the plane’s critical system, are “like Radio Shack,” with parts that are “cheap, plastic and prone to failure.”

~ Another engineer says there’s a preponderance of “electrical faults” with the new 787’s.

~ And yet another engineer, one not directly involved with the 787 said he believes the company’s early “delegation of control on 787 outsourcing to multiple tiers of suppliers” is now coming back to bite the company with all these new problems.

The Dreamliner fleet is grounded indefinitely due a battery fire on a 787 in Boston and a battery fire on a 787 flight in Japan a week later.

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