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Author: LCCMod1, Created on: Nov 17, 2013 11:50 AM
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So the world is just beginning to wake up to the need and powerful advantage of well designed horizontal S&OP solutions in ANY organization

Lora Cecerra's overview is a good read in reliving last 20 year of history of why S&OP is a critical solution to a problem it appears to many execs don't realize they have. Or maybe better stated as an opportunity they don't know they have ?


Our comments below to the well done S&OP overview

Your S&OP document in well done in regards to restating the history and failures of good intentions without clear goals. You could add an appendix with the buzz terms, supposed supply chain offerings and software products that have claimed these results but only drove up costs with out ROI. You can add in that all the analyst that made a career of following this nonsense and reporting on the latest precise details on solutions that were totally inaccurate such as all the ERP nonsense claiming to be supply chain offerings.

The supply chain software industry analogous to the golf equipment industry. Continual focus on sexy point technologies claiming to turn yarn into gold when in reality it is all about the swing mechanics.

What is critical to provide readers is the architecture of the right solutions. A detailed road map of exact process, light use of technology, time saving enablers, training of specific leaders in the finance and operations aspect of what and ROI enabling solution contains. As well as how to spot and throw away all the distracting list from above

Keep pushing... www.SOPBook.com is all about providing good examples of real solutions.

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