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Author: LCCMod1, Created on: Aug 31, 2016 12:08 PM
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Mr. Trump has gained alot of attention with "Make American Great Again" and create US jobs

One of the key answers, policies, solutions is embedded in this knowlegebase

1. Use postponed manufacturing / assembly on US side of border using imported components
2. Use this approach to create US jobs with career growth
3. Provide jobs even on Mexican side of border to build components for US assembly
4. Encourage US tax, trade, customs, supply chain strategy to support these efforts
5. Use this effort to train and expose more US employees of all ranks to "manufacturing"
6. Together US and Mexico pull back the IP "gifted" to China and create leverage together on China intellectual property theft

Don't listen to talking heads in media who have not done the economic calculations of total supply chain costs
"Total costs" not just labor costs, include intellectual property loss

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