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This knowledge base is laced with numerous role based case studies, analytics, articles, sample software enablers and much more to help YOU understand the power of engineering and operating your supply chain with S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning principles)

Watch this URL... www.SOPBOOK.com for outstanding free and low cost options to encourage and promove education in S&OP. In early 2012 we will even be releasing a limted number of licenses to DCRA Inc.'s patented S&OP software for qualifying companies. Contact DCRA Inc. at info@dcrasolutions.com for pre-release program detail.

DCRA has started a BLOG to share real time S&OP projects http://soptime.wordpress.com

This site will continue to provide one on one explanations of how to transform a companies ability to manage through S&OP processes using the trade marked Total Order Fulfillment methodology from DCRA Inc.

Whether it is a critical deicion you face to outsource locations, labor issues on where to locate production facilities, intellectual property concerns of how to protect IP with production processes or just trying to optimize profits through netting supply and demand more intelligently then the S&OP knwoledgebase has something for you.

Try a search on postponned manufacturing or look at the articles and tips for a CEO or CFO in the role based views.

Bottom line it is our experience the top 5 to 10% of firms by industry already know that more dilligent neeting of demand and supply greatly improves operating profits. They also understand there is no perfection but rather the goal is to just be a bit better then competitors. To often we see the rest of the firms (the other 90%) believing that the rote processes in a generic ERP system solve the problems or that there is no science needed in linking demand and supply. It is to these firms this knowledgebase is focused and dedicated. Even 1% of these firms learning to empower their business with S&OP thinking and planning process will translate to significant value to business, shareholders and employees.

Futhermore this knowledgebase provides some example business models on how S&OP thinking can be understood and deployeed simply and efficiently to create value. For example as more goods are sourced offshore, S&OP can help coordinate and syncronize the outsourcing of manufacturing of key components while postponing final manufacturing, kitting, and configuration to be done near the customer demand – namely here in North Texas.

  • The benefits of sourcing components of finished goods off-shore for postponed assembly and distribution vs. outsourcing the entire “shrink-wrapped finished good” include:
  • Lower total overall costs
  • Protection of intellectual property as well as manufacturing talent and expertise
  • Reduced fulfillment lead times and cost to end consumers
  • Profitable management of short product lifecycle goods, from fashion to high-tech, with lower obsolescence
  • Significant homeland defense advantages – Clearing an ocean or air freight container full of homogeneous component parts is much simpler and safer than mixed containers full of a variety of more complex finished goods
  • Lower overall logistics costs (inventory, storage/handling, and transportation) to improve overall returns on working capital
Select a function, role, or process above TODAY to learn more about how to improve the CA$H FLOW of your business through improved supply chain management!

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